23/05/2021 A new paper is out!

We (Led by Rachel Schwarz) studied whether microhabitat preference drives divergence in functional morphology and performance at the intraspecific level. Our habitat preference and clinging ability experiments indicated that individuals of our model species, the gecko Mediodactylus kotschyi, tend to prefer trees over rocks, cling better to arboreal substrates than rocky ones, and show morphological adaptations that enhance clinging to rough surfaces (like wood) regardles of whether they originated from a habitat containing or devoid of trees. These results suggest that while they manage to prosper in both types of habitats (rendering them habitat “generalists”), they strongly tend to arboreality (implying they are more “specialist”). This study thus demonstrates that agradient, rather than a dichotomous categorization, better represents the level of generalism/specialism of species in their ecological niche. You can find the paper here:

08/02/2021 A new paper is out!

We (led by Shai Meiri) studied and compared the reproductive traits of amniotes (mammals, birds and reptiles) from a macroecological perspective. We found that a great deal of similarity exists among placental mammals, birds and squamates, but turtles and marsupials are strikingly different:


I had fun talking in the IBS’s Humboldt day event ( about island-like systems and how they biologically compare to true islands.

06/2020 Well, my website is now on-line! Woo-hoo! So here is a cool lizard (Podarcis milensis) in an urban setting (Milos Island) for the start:

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